Folk Style Handcrafted Blue Marble Texture Zircon Bracelet


Calm Blue looks like marble eyes!
It can be combined as two in one or just wear single bracelet.

Product Name Folk Style Handcrafted Blue Marble Texture Zircon Bracelet
Material Zircon / cotton string
Bracelet size 15 cm (adjustable)
Bead size 4 – 8 mm
Availability In relation to delivery, the delivery time generally takes 5 to 12 days from the date of shipment.


Wash with mild soap carefully if it gets dirty, and then dry it off thoroughly with a soft clean cloth.

Avoid :  Chemicals, Cosmetics, Humid environment, Sweating or Swimming wearing, Scratching

Avoid contact with chemicals:  Hair sprays, perfumes, etc., which are susceptible to chemical reactions with the jewelry, should be completed before wearing.

Avoid impact and hardness friction:  Jewelry should try to avoid collision and friction with hard objects, so as to avoid peeling off the surface plating and affect the brightness.

Avoid wearing when in contact with water:  Keep dry and avoid oxidation. Dry it as soon as possible after water contact. Do not approach hot springs and sea water.

Avoid wearing for a long time when sweating:  Sweat contains fatty acids, urea and other eroding effects on jewelry.

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