Lazy Creature – Red Panda Sticker (photo : sini@sinigalaxy)


Lazy Red Panda is lying on Autumn Maple.
Please be quiet! He is staring at us.

Material Glossy PVC white paper
Size 7 cm x 5 cm
Availability In relation to delivery, the delivery time generally takes 8 to 17 days from the date of shipment (depends on delivery areas)


•  The back side is aluminum colour

•  Also suitable for outdoor

•  It is water resistant, but if the paper is wet and rubbed strongly, the ink may be smudged

•  If it gets wet, gently wipe it off

•  Once pasted, it is difficult to peel off

•  Recommended for use on rough surfaces or curved surfaces

•  Hope you enjoy my Red Panda photo in Japan

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